Patch App & Go. Now available to purchase at Eurocables

Patch App Go

The Smart Network Tester

The smart and efficient way to test network installations.

Patch App & Go is the one man network tester & cable tracer, powered by your smartphone.

Why send two men on site, or spend hours testing by yourself when you can just…..Patch App & Go!

The Patch App & Go Continuity Tester and Cable Tracer is the one man device powered by any mobile device running on android or IOS. After downloading the app to your device, testing or tracing 4 pair Lan cables becomes  a quick and easy process.

Each Tester is supplied with 6 Smart Remote Plugs (with the option of buying more) which are individual programmed with numbers from 1 to 6. As you test the Patch App & Go will visually display a pass or fail, as well as confirming the unique ID of the smart plug currently being tested.

The Patch App & Go Continuity Tester is suitable for testing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6, unshielded and shielded network cables. As the device performs each test the results will appear as a pass or fail on your mobile device. When a fail is detected, the app will visually display the fault. Patch App & Go will Instantly identify wiremap errors such as mis-wires, split pairs, shorts and open ends

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